We can assist you in acquiring the strategic knowledge

H-DATA can support with you to develop and successfully implement a complete and customized data analysis project. We can assist and guide you through the implementation of the whole process, from data collecting and organizing, to the extraction of knowledge and its deployment in your business intelligence process. Along this process H-DATA can support you with highly skilled specialists. They can follow your activity by a full range of database management services including advice on cleaning and enhancing your existing data, database hosting, data integration and user friendly tools to analyse and manipulate your data.

Consulting services

H-DATA is ready to support you establish a business intelligence oriented solution adapted to your needs or to help you improve the existing BI system by enhancing it with data mining abilities. More specifically, H-DATA can provide you with a whole set of high quality services to improve your knowledge potentially hidden in stored data:

  • Diagnosis of your existing business intelligence system
  • Improvement of your decision oriented system
  • Design and creation of decision oriented data warehouse.
  • Assessment of the quality of your stored data.
  • Statistical analyses, exploratory data analyses
  • Data mining and knowledge discovery process achievement
  • Design and deployment of data mining solutions: scoring, predictive systems, dynamic segmentation.
  • Reporting and on-line analyses

Skills & Technologies

Data management, analysis, upgrade, migration

  • SQL Server® with Integration Services
  • Business Objects™ Data Integrator
  • Oracle®
  • MongoDB®
  • Hadoop®

Business Intelligence tools

  • SQL Server® Reporting Services
  • Business Objects™ Web Intelligence

Data Mining Solutions & Tools

  • SQL Server® Analysis Services
  • SAS® Data Mining, SPSS® Data Mining
  • Open Source Software (R, Tanagra, Weka)
  • Ad-hoc developed algorithms

Machine Learning Tools

  • Matlab®,
  • SAS® Data Mining,
  • SPSS® Data Mining
  • Open Source Software: R, Weka, RapidMiner, Knime
  • Python
  • Proprietary algorithms